Heidi Harris - Cut The Line

by Heidi Harris

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Catalog: INNER008
Format: 12" Vinyl/Digital
Release Date: May 1.

"The most piercing element of Cut the Line is its use of repetition. As the title indicates, Harris’s fourth full length presents the process of separation. This presentation is deliberately calculated and refined: Harris’s goal while writing was to “create songs that covered as many different perspectives as [she] could imagine.” Whether it is lyrically, such as the playful vocals in “Oh My,” or instrumental, such as the dynamic riff in “Maple,” perspective is accomplished through repetition. In both cases, the consistent repetition and intentionally subtle variations lend an encompassing ambience to beautifully unembellished tracks.
Harris intended to build on the loose “in the moment” style of recording she had done in the past with this release. There are certainly still moments of lively and disorienting experimentation, but the music never seems out of reach. “Carved In” contains a very pop influenced vocal melody that eventually gives way to a free flowing, liberated harp section – an instrument in which Harris experimented with here for the first time. Overall, Cut the Line is grounded in amicably layered vocals and very fitting minimalistic production. Harris also called on a variety of artists to fill out the album, including Teletextile and Inner Ocean’s own Cory Zaradur, Porya Hatami, Sima Kim and Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián. Cut the Line is an accomplished and thoroughly structured album that still manages to capture the energizing feel of a relaxed impromptu performance."

Norman Records Review

"Harris’s hushed aesthetic is showcased beautifully on the 10 tracks contained on here, from loopedelic fevered hums and whispers of ‘Animal Insect’ to haunted passages of clarinet and piano and backwards tapes to more conventional songwriting stripped back to its most basic constituent parts like the plaintive harp and vocal lament ‘Carved In’ which is like a sultry, depressive Joanna Newsom until a beautiful light-through-the-clouds moment towards the end as some sweeping strings and vocal harmonies are gradually introduced. Slow and quiet but devastatingly effective.

If you’re a fan of the CDs on Reverb Worship you’ll be blown away by this, and if you like so many are new to Heidi Harris I’d recommend investing in this strange, quiet gem full of mystery and physicality while it’s still about. It’s a real pleasure of this job to get to see talents like hers blossom and I look forward to hearing what she comes up with next."


released May 1, 2013

All music Produced and Mixed by Heidi Harris

Mastered by Jason Corder offthesky.com

Artwork by Eta (along with spoken word by Eta on the secret track "Nine Feathers") behance.net/Eta

Instruments Heidi plays on the album - Piano, Electric Cello, Percussion, Clarinet, Music Box, Uke, Glockenspiel, Harp, Melodica, Field Recordings and Samples.

Additional help:

Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián - Samples - Track 1
Porya Hatami - Samples - Track 5, 6
Sima Kim - Samples - Track 6
Cory Zaradur - Samples - Track 5, 6
Teletextile - Accordion + Violin + Vocals - Track 6, 7, 9


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